August 11, 2009

Estonian Cast On for Sock Knitting

wow!! great tip

back to dubai.. home sweet home

this vacation was very fulfilling for me, that was my first time to europ, i loved it..
gottingen is a place that i will always long to.. but i also visited some more places that i can't forget, i mean zell am see in austria, i was stunned by the beauty, the mountains, lakes, waterfalls, caves.. astonishing landscapes.. i felt like a poet there, i could only hear poems recited inside of me as i walked on the top mountains, where it is very silent, looking at clouds passing under my feet, i prayed thankful prayers for such beauty.. i admired the snow the cold breeze i loved earth, grass, trees, mud and cool water more than ever.
i had my knitting needles in my hands and could not knit a stitch.. my eyes, mind and soul were took by such beauty..
these are some photoes that i took in zell am see

July 12, 2009

how wonderful it is to fall in love again!

usually i would knit one sock at a time, but when i was in duderstadt's old town market, i found a lovely knitting shop that had a few of great wooden needles, i was surprised of their high price, but the lady told me they are made of the finest wood in the world, i letterly kissed them and bought them.. and started the second sock with them, it is so wonderful to fall in love again!

July 10, 2009

new passion!

I spent my morning in the beautiful town market of gottingen, amazing place! everything is full of life and beauty, the street tiles are arranged like a big peice of art in complete harmony with the buildings. i loved the flowers, the historical fountain, the churches with the sound of the bills resonating every now and then, a guitar player here and a violin player there, the cold brieze and the light drops of rain, the cafes, the frown on the old peoples' faces and the smile on the youngsters.. i loved the weeds that grew between the tiles, i loved every bit of it...

i've got these beautiful yarns from two knitting shops in the market, and some knitting needles, enthusiastically i started a new sock right away!

July 3, 2009

just in gottingen

beatle vw car pot, just a brilliant idea! who would have thought of it?

June 22, 2009

crochet stitch patterns


have a good brush, some watercolors, and set your mind free..
i think of painting on pots as a way of meditation, you unwellingly go into deep thinking.
i enjoyed doing these twin pots so much.. i still feel good when i look at them..
on the table: is what i call "mobile knitting project"
this project stays in my car and i work on it when i'm away from home..

June 17, 2009

some pots

i love decorating pots with water colors!!

some socks and a baby blanket

May 7, 2008

it has been a while,

finally, i joined pattern making classes along with sewing classes, the teacher is amazing, she is fun and very tolerant to stupid mistakes that we do, women in the class are great as well, we are having a very nice time.
this is my first pattern ever>

i'm also working on a new afghan for my expected baby>

i also tried something new for my daughter

that is all for now
see you

April 3, 2008

door step pots

door step pots made all the difference in walking in and out the door, i painted them and gave them a coat of wood varnish to protect the paint.

March 3, 2008

lavender pot

i painted this pot with water colors, i was deeply thinking of earth, summer, wind and the scent of lavender i think this is another memory of amman!

March 2, 2008

pharaonic pot

i've been always fascinated by the pharaonic culture, art & science. it really began after i read the book of Anis Mansoor "those who fell from the sky" which i personally choose to believe although many people did not! so i took my inspiration from this great culture, it turned pretty well!

December 29, 2007

i'm back,,,

i really didn't have the chance to log on and update in the last few days, but since the eid season is done, days became less crazier, and the well known rhythm is back,,

so i casted on a new project, i started a shawl for my son, i was really inspired by this lady

and yeah, i finished the shawl of my eldest,,

and if i'm not knitting i'll have to do some crocheting so i also started a new booties,,

so that is all about it i think!! cheeers,

December 23, 2007

the 70's spirit..

i made this pot yesterday for a friend, i took my inspiration from the 70's when decoration was all about metal and glass, it is a really cool era>>

December 12, 2007

a project that i'd love to do!

i was having my morning coffee, surfing the knit, knit?, i mean NET? i am possessed i know.
so i was surfing the net and i came through the knitting page in the craftzine magazine, i saw something totally inspiring, a cable knitted rug, isn't that the awsomest thing ever?

December 11, 2007

i really don't have much going on in my life, so i'm just knitting this for my son and reading, drinking coffee and eating lots of green leaves, yeh it's boring! cheeers!

December 9, 2007

za'beel park, the heart of Dubai

it was a great afternoon, we went to za'beel park the most spectacular place ever, i loved it to death, I'm definitely going to make visiting this park a habit, it's a great walk and a fantastic place for the kids, i did some knitting while the kids were playing, the weather is still warm but with a fine breeze, I'm always thinking of starting a blog just for the lovely city of Dubai, i don't seem to get enough with all the beauty that i see around me!
just one more thing, this park lies in the middle of several busy streets, it's quite a relief because you still find some balance between a busy city and a lovely landscape.