August 11, 2009

back to dubai.. home sweet home

this vacation was very fulfilling for me, that was my first time to europ, i loved it..
gottingen is a place that i will always long to.. but i also visited some more places that i can't forget, i mean zell am see in austria, i was stunned by the beauty, the mountains, lakes, waterfalls, caves.. astonishing landscapes.. i felt like a poet there, i could only hear poems recited inside of me as i walked on the top mountains, where it is very silent, looking at clouds passing under my feet, i prayed thankful prayers for such beauty.. i admired the snow the cold breeze i loved earth, grass, trees, mud and cool water more than ever.
i had my knitting needles in my hands and could not knit a stitch.. my eyes, mind and soul were took by such beauty..
these are some photoes that i took in zell am see

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