December 29, 2007

i'm back,,,

i really didn't have the chance to log on and update in the last few days, but since the eid season is done, days became less crazier, and the well known rhythm is back,,

so i casted on a new project, i started a shawl for my son, i was really inspired by this lady

and yeah, i finished the shawl of my eldest,,

and if i'm not knitting i'll have to do some crocheting so i also started a new booties,,

so that is all about it i think!! cheeers,


Yasmin said...

Welcome back! And wish you a very Happy New Year!
I enjoy your blog and just love seeing your creative work. I'm in UAE too and I do knitting and crochet as well. I do more of crocheting...and I love your use of colours. Where do you get your yarn from as I know that UAE is a little dry on yarn availablity. Would love to get to know you better.

ferre said...

thanx yasmin, i'm really happy to hear from you, i'm not updating these days but i promise to get active again,
you were right about yarns in the uae but you still can find great yarns at al magroudy's jumairah, some of the yarns that you see in my blog are actually from germany.
i'd love to visit your blog of you have one,
love to hear from you again