November 12, 2007

knit myself out of depression!

when i feel sad or unhappy i start knitting, in some way knitting keeps me under control!!
so i casted on a new hat for my baby, i've chosen these yarns.

and here we go>>>
i dont have the pattern but it looks easy>>>


Nima said...

your blog is looking great. Beautiful crochet finishes and your pot paintings and especially your mud easter eggs are looking great.

Where do you buy your crochet yarns. i cannot find anything good other than the DMC Ecru and white. Please let me know.

Nice to meet a crafter from UAE.

Pearlin said...

Wonderful to find to your Blog!!Very lovely creations .

Anonymous said...

Your creations are fantastic. Oil paints on pots, crochet, and the lovely socks and cap for your baby girl, i fell in love with all of them. Hey, do u think you could teach me some of ur talent and skill in crochet and pot painting with oils??? If its yes, I will be honoured and this is my email id-
From now onwards, will be visting your blog daily. Keep posting .:)